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Book a class in Honolulu. Pilates in beautiful Hawaii.

Please, keep in mind, my Pilates group classes are designed to be fun and are more focused on fitness. Meaning – help you to tone your body, get nice lean muscles, strengthen your core, clear your mind, stretch, strengthen and massage your spine rather than curing any kind of chronic back pain, or any kind of fix of the spine. In such cases, a privet class would be good.

If you are not sure that group Pilates is for you, consult with your doctor. It is your responsibility to know your health before attending the class. You can also message me directly but I cannot give you any advice relating to your conditions.

Choose your level

Pilates for beginners – this is for people who have never tried Pilates. People who are familiar with Pilates but stopped practicing and want to get back to it. Slow tempo.

My Morning Pilates for beginners and Sunset pilates for beginners would be good for you.

Intermediate – already have some experience and has developed some strength. More dynamic.

My Sunset and Morning Pilates class would be for you.

Advanced – very experienced and aware of their body. Have the strength to do the whole Pilates routine.

Sunset and Morning Pilates class would be for you.

Private – if you prefer 1 to 1 session. For booking private, please, contact me directly.

Duo session – if you like your friend´s company. For booking duo, message me.

I am sorry, I do not offer classes for people with serious health issues, chronic back pain, injuries preventing from regular exercise, or movements (osteoporosis, post-injury, etc.). Also, if you are pregnant or right after giving birth.

How to book a group class with me?

You can see a black JOIN NOW! icon on my website. Click on it and start filling up the information.

Or, find your class in the calendar and book it from there. In this case, you will see the actual price for the class.

For easier bookings, tracking payments…, download Fitsoft app, but don’t miss my happy blogs 🙂

Your options

You can purchase a class for $10.00, or one-month (30 days) membership just for $80 (value $100) and enjoy 10 classes of your choice. Excludes duos and privates.

Private $40, Duo $30.

By booking the class you understood and agreed to all conditions stated HERE. Read important info.

Limited offer for a period of 9/1 – 9/28 2019. Book 2 and get 1 free for just $30. Input free1 when checking out. Excludes private and duo sessions.