How to do Pilates Saw exercise and get a perfect waist

Pilates saw is an intermediate level exercise.

Why do I love this exercise? For back and hamstring stretch, and working the waistline.

How to do The Saw

  1. Sit tall, with legs extended, opened slightly wider than the mat. Feet flexed.
  2. Reach your arms out to the side – airplane wings.
  3. Inhale, pull your navel up and into your spine. Twist from your waist to the left carrying your arms with you. Your opposite hip stays on the mat.
  4. Exhale, take a little finger towards a little toe. Stretch your head toward the little toe and reach your left arm back, palm up. Sawing motion, reach a little further 1 – 2- 3.
  5. Inhale, come back up. Exhale center, sit up tall and do the other side.

Imagine you are sitting in a block of cement. Your lower body can´t move as you reach for your baby toe.

You can sit on a cushion if your hamstrings are too tight. Or, bend your knees. Your flexibility will improve.