Pilates The Hundred. Feel the burn in your abs.

Meet the Pilates the Hundred exercise, one of the most effective and challenging abdominal moves Joseph Pilates perfected. No classical mat Pilates starts without it.

100 is a warm-up exercise that puts your muscles to the test so don´t be fooled by the simplicity of the pose. The pumping of the arms gets the blood moving and you will feel the warmth in the whole body.

This exercise helps to strengthen the abs by engaging the transverse abdominals – the deepest set of muscles in the lower belly.

To get into 100

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, arms long by your side. Lift your feet off the mat to the tabletop position (knees above your hips and bent at 90° angle, lower legs parallel to the floor). Heels together, toes apart. Pull your belly button to the spine, squeeze your butt and inner tights. Extend your legs and lower them down to 45°, or where it is comfortable for you without arching your back. The lower the more challenging it feels.
  2. Close your rib cage and lift your head up and shoulders off the mat. Stretch your neck and keep shoulders away from your ears. Lift your arms 6 inches off the mat, fingers together and begin pumping your arms up and down, inhaling through the nose for 5 counts and exhaling through the mouth for 5 counts till 100.
  3. When you finish, hug your knees. What a relief!
Let´s try the Hundred together!

How fast you pump will depend on your breath. Everyone is different.

You can modify and keep your knees bent, or if you have a delicate neck, keep your head down.