Why Pilates? The great way to change your body.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He called his method “Contrology”.

Pilates is a sophisticated exercise for our spine, our core, and mind.

While you may not be crushing high – intensity exercises like squats, jumps, sits ups. Pilates classes can be pretty intense. Even the first Pilates Hundred will make your abs burn like crazy and leaves you hot. And we love that!

Pilates Hundred 🙂

Don´t worry if you are attending your first class, just make sure you sign up for beginners classes. There will be modifications for each exercise.

If you are more interested in learning Pilates I would recommend this book for beginners.

Pilates is focused on your core and trunk but that doesn’t mean just abs. Entire trunk means the abdominals, the hips, the inner and outer thighs, and the back. It is a full body workout. You can deal with muscle soreness after your workout because you were challenging your muscles in new ways. I see it with my clients and this is what actually makes them happy because they feel they did work out. Don’t fret, don´t give up, your body will get used to it with time.

Why fall in love with Pilates?

Pilates offers plenty of benefits to your body, no matter your fitness background. Pilates is for everybody but if you have any health issues, injuries, you need to inform your instructor and he might recommend a private class for you.

Pilates will help you to improve your posture, flexibility, strengthen, and tone muscles. You will feel taller, lighter, calmer, more flexible,more confident and definitely happier after your workout.

In ten sessions you will feel the difference. In twenty you will see the difference. In thirty you will have whole new body

Joseph Pilates

Two different kinds of Pilates

Mat classes are done on the thick mat (thicker than yoga mat), mainly because there is a lot of rolling exercise in Pilates, Machine called a reformer. A reformer is a sliding platform complete with a stationary foot bar, springs, and pulleys that provide resistance. It’s also called moving machine.

Pilates on the mat can be done with or without small types of equipment like a magic circle, ball, or rubber bands.

It adds a little bit more intensity and fun in to your workout 👌

Both focus on the concept of control (remember Contrology? 🙂 rather than endless reps. In Pilates quality wins over quantity. Flow, centering, breath, concentration, control, precision are Pilates principles. So take your time, don´t rush when performing each exercise. That will definitely train your overall patience. Trust me on this one. I know what I am talking about 🙂

Please, find more info about booking classes with me in a beautiful Hawaiian paradise here.

Pilates is a CHALLENGE and so much FUN! And this is one of my reason I fell in love with it 🙂